Sinonut International is the biggest sale for garlic 2018 crop

Jinxiang garlicfamous all over  the world,Jinxiang garlic products qualityis NO.1 in China,that is,biggest planting area,highest production on each square kilometer,best quality,biggest gross production,and greatest exportation etc.the cultivation of Jinxiang garlic has a history of more than 2000 years.

Jinxiang garlic has the obvious advantages of big garlic, thick juice, pure spiciness and crisp taste.Jinxiang garlic high nutritional value, known by experts as the best natural antibiotic food and health food.

One of our big factory located in JinXiang county of ShanDong provice of China, we always export garlic origin JinXiang , Usually in Harvest season, we get lots of raw material from each farmers, and we transport to our warehouse of factory. 

we produce garlic products againest customer requirment, our warehoure temperature always keep 0-3°C;The goods that we will supply must be the best.Believe thatwWe will be your best chioce.

Variety: Normal White Fresh Garlic(Red Garlic/Purple Garlic)

              Pure White Fresh Garlic(Snow White Garlic/Super White Garlic)


Supply Period: All year round(Fresh garlic from June to September;Cold Stocking from September to next May)