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Carrefour Supplier - Sinonut

2017-10-25 15:42:29

Carrefour Supplier - Sinonut


Sinonut never stop growing. Each year, we do our best to improve ourselves. Not only from processing goods and supply service but also improve “Health & Green Food- Belief” from our Hand and Our Life. 

Today, we built the Perfect quality management system(G.A.P. for Sinonut Garlic Planting Base and Processing Factory) In the famous and the biggest planting base of Garlic in China – Jinxiang.Actually,Sinonut manages 20ha farmland for professional Garlic planting. In 2017, we have 500mts Premium quality Garlic in May. From Planting - Transportation Material - Processing - Packing till the Final Finished products. We take 100% care for each working procedure. Our Sinonut Products are Health and famous in China.

In of May 2017,  Sinonut was successful to pass Carrefour QA inspection and registered the Supplier of them to offer  Mid-East and South America Carrefour Supermarket. The first year we plan to supply all of the 500mts for Carrefour. We believe that the consumers will like Sinonut Garlic.

To enlarge the business and adhere to our Spirit - Bring Health and Green Food to the world, bring new conception to our customer. Sinonut has been plant 35haGarlicin September2017 , we estimate in 2018, there will be around 800mts-900mts Premium quality Garlic can be offered to  the  all over the Worldconsumers.

Sinonut were already joined in The Belt and Road Initiative. And we really believe that  “Made in China” will be proud of us in the future. Then Sinonut must be famous over the world.

Sinonut Products are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Our accreditation includes:

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